Pick Up Instructions

Orlando Location

Customers should address to Level 1 Ground Transportation, in either A or B. Once on Level 1 proceed outside to the car rental pick- up area. Shuttle is authorized to get people in areas A11, A12 or B11, B12. Please call the following main numbers for pick up: +1 305 798 6678 / +1 407 965 8186  

Miami and Fort Lauderdale Location

Contact us to get more details.


  • The following insurance type(s) Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Third Party Liability (TPL) is (are) not included for residents of Canada, USA.
  • Local renters are allowed to use their own coverage only if it is supplied by the following company(ies): State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Geico, All State, Infinity.
  • A local renter is defined as a renter who is a resident of Canada, USA.
  • Renter must provide a proof of own insurance.
  • Acceptable proof of insurance must include insurance declaration page, insurance declaration page, liability insurance (SLI) with not less than 300000 USD liability limit, Property Damage Liability (PDL) coverage with a limit of at least 300 000 USD.
  • If using own insurance, renter must provide an insurance ID card with the exact coverage shown and the same name and address as on the driver license. Insurance from outside the US is not accepted. In case the customer does not have one of the insurances, mentioned above, the customer will need to purchase insurance at the counter.

Additional Information

Clients are responsible for the following:

Parking and Traffic Tickets.

Car Keys.

Flat Tires (As long as the event occur during the client’s rental period).